“If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat.”
― Mark Twain, Notebook


Now here is a kitty with the purrfect lifestyle. Choupette Lagerfeld, the most prized possession of fashion designer Karl. Forget ridiculous handbag-sized dogs that look like rats, cats are this season’s hottest accessory.

Says Karl Lagerfeld in an interview with HarpersBazaar, “You know, she has two maids, and the driver takes care of her too.” Two maids and the driver takes care of her too? What a pampered pussycat.

“The doctor does her manicure,” he goes on to say indulgently. Say what? The vet cuts her claws, does he mean?

Choupette’s food dishes are from Goyard (very expensive) apparently. I admit, i was slightly envious when I learned she has both ‘croquettes’ and ‘pâté’ (biscuits and wet food for those of you who are not bilingual like me), something which I have not had the luxury of for a very long time. I do very occasionally get chicken or salmon to liven up the boring biscuits, granted, but I’m still waiting to be served my meals on the table rather than the floor.



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