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In praise of snow

“The cat was created when the lion sneezed” – Arabian Proverb

Last Sunday, I was rudely awoken by my human parent opening the window wide, letting in an icy blast of air that made even me, in my fur coat, shiver.

I jumped up obligingly onto the windowsill, which like the courtyard was blanketed in some white stuff called snow.


Still being a baby, I did not understand the significance of this cold and wet white stuff. What is its purpose I wondered, as I went outside to investigate further.


I walked around, gingerly at first, marvelling at how my feet magically left little paw prints behind me as I became bolder and ran around. I even batted about a snowball that was made for me, and dug in the snow with my paws like I was tunnelling to Siberia, flakes flying everywhere. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I refused to go back in the house all afternoon.


Sadly, I learnt that snow can disappear as quickly as a salmon fillet in my food dish, as the next day it had almost entirely disappeared.


Cat cafe


cat cafe

I saw the other day that some people in London are trying to raise funds to open a cat cafe, called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. The concept, which comes from Asia, is not a cafe for cats as I initially thought, which had me picturing a menu featuring saucers of milk, smoked salmon canapés and tuna tartlets, but a cafe with cats where people can have a cup of tea and cuddle a cat.

I’m going to ask my human parent to open such an establishment in Paris. It can have two menus: one for the cats (which will NOT feature prawns in any shape or form) and one for the humans. I can’t think of anything better than lots of cuddles and lots of nice food.

However, I do have a few concerns I feel should be addressed. Never mind a customer finding a cat hair in their cappuccino, what if someone tried to feed us something bad, like onions, or even tried to exit the cafe with one of us tucked under their coat?.