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A Quiet Weekend

Even cats grow lonely and anxious – Mason Cooley



The weekend before last my human parent went away for three days, only the second time she has been away since she got me. I was thus left in the capable hands of a neighbour, who came to feed me and let me outside. I overheard him telling my human parent that I never purr. This is not true, I do purr, but only when happy. And last weekend I wasn’t very happy. I could tell something was up, as I got more cuddles than usual prior to her departure. At first I enjoyed the peace and quiet and having the whole bed to myself, but then I started to get lonely as I had no one to play with. I was very shouty when my human parent came back, but quickly quietened down when she placated me with a morsel of tuna. This week I’ve had a lot of smoked salmon, which has been very nice. I am alternating between being very affectionate and very bite-y, as although I am very happy to have her back, I’m still a bit upset that she went away in the first place.