Now that summer is here, I’ve started sleeping 12 hours a day due to the heat. Such laziness required the perfect spot to stretch out, which I found on the tall shelf.

The Kenzo handbag I had been sleeping on top of for a while was replaced by a much softer blanket by my human parent, who has developed a nasty habit of checking on me every so often to make sure I don’t overheat.

What are you doing?’ I asked her crossly in this photo. ‘Can’t you see I am trying to to have a cat nap?’. She opened her eyes wide and stared at me, so I opened mine wider and stared right back.


I found it more comfortable to stare from a supine position, freeing up my paw in case I needed to resort to physical violence.



Luckily my human parent soon grew bored and I was able to drift off in to dream land, where I dreamed of chasing birds and playing hide and seek behind the flower pots



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