Monthly Archives: December 2013

Cat Cafes and Cat Hotels

My human parent told me yesterday that after Paris’ first cat cafe which opened a couple of months ago, the city is soon to get its first cat hotel.

Being feline, I wasn’t allowed in the cat cafe, but my human parent visited (not really sure why when she has her own cat and a fully functioning kettle at home) and reported back. ‘Very nice’ was her only comment at first, but after some probing, she did concede that the kitties were cute, but not as cute as me. Result.

The cat hotel is another matter entirely. It’s me who would have to test out the facilities. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this, but after pondering the matter I decided that if my human parent has to go away on holiday, I might as well take a mini holiday too and be looked after in style. Apparently, according to the Le Figaro newspaper, the rooms are 4m2 with mezzanine levels and platforms so I can practice acrobatics. I would benefit from unlimited cuddles from staff and supervised playtime with other kitties. I very much hope they have a room service menu that features salmon in all its forms. No prawns though.