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Who’s that gobbling up my dinner?

2014-08-26 08.38.35

After two years of being the only cat in the courtyard, another has arrived. Who is the beast? I asked myself, stalking over to investigate by sniffing it’s bottom and pouncing upon it. We eyeballed one another for quite some time before my adversary hissed at me and slunk away. Small, white and ginger and with a bushy tail, the creature is certainly cute, but not as smart as me. It doesn’t even have a collar.

My human parent says she doesn’t know who the little kitty belongs to. I told her this wasn’t good enough and demanded she ask around the neighbours so I can know if it’s going to be in my courtyard every time I go outside. She estimates it’s a girl about eight months old and one that must have an owner somewhere, as it purred quite happily when stroked. It also looks well fed, although that didn’t stop it from sneaking into my flat and gobbling up my dinner when my back was turned.
2014-08-26 08.39.07
2014-08-26 08.36.50