Christmas for kitty

It’s no secret that my human parent wonders what I do all day while she’s out at work. Well, what I do depends. Sleeping, eating, cleaning my tail. So far, so cat-like. Recently though, I’ve been doing a spot of online window shopping.

Yes, it’s nearly that time of year again. Christmas. Let’s just be clear – I want presents. Lots of them.

Top of my list is this cat scratching DJ deck

oscar blog dj

Followed by this tank

oscar blog tank

And then, why not add this fire engine to the list, too?

oscar blog fire engine

I also want my human parent to buy a Christmas tree so I can be a star at the top like this kitty.

oscar blog christmas tree


One thought on “Christmas for kitty

  1. Julie

    Mmmmm…I want never gets Monsieur Chat….
    I would like.. pretty please, a tank, a fire engine, a DJ deck and a huge Christmas tree to wreck….I love you human parent, really I do xxx


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