Monthly Archives: February 2016

When it’s hard to wake up in the morning


Every weekday, in solidarity with my human parent who has to go to work and earn money to buy me cat food, cat nip and cat toys, I wake up like this when the alarm goes off.

Oh, my eyes! It can’t be that time to get up already! I feel like I’ve barely slept…

Of course, she usually gives me dirty looks as she sits there munching her muesli, knowing full well that I’ll be asleep the whole day once she finally leaves the house. Oh, and she needn’t bother to make the bed before she goes as I’ll still be in it.

Do I feel bad about our contrasting lifestyles? Her with her 9-6 and me with my sleep-til-whatever-time-I-like. Of course I don’t. I’m a cat. The only things I care about are tuna, salmon, and the birds singing outside that, no matter how high I jump, I just can’t catch.