A fragrance that smells like kitten fur


Photo credit: Demeter Fragrance Library

My human parent tells me that US-based Demeter Fragrance Library has come out with a new perfume that smells like a kitten’s neck.

Called Kitten Fur, it ranges in price from $6 for a 1/2oz cologne mini splash to $39.50 for a 4oz cologne spray.

Apparently it smells fabulous, and I’m inclined to agree. I smell like roses, and I haven’t had a bath for five years. My human parent is always putting her face in my fur and telling me how nice it smells.

Sometimes though, when I come in at 3am reeking of perfume and cigarettes after partying with the neighbours, she makes a pointed comment about my feline fragrance and moans about how I wake her up. I say she’s just jealous because I have a better social life than her…


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