Paris’ pop-up cat cafe

© Purina One

© Purina One

Pet food brand Purina One has opened a pop up cat cafe in Paris.

The cats present in the cafe have come from two partner breeders. The cats (between seven and 10 of them and including siamese, maine coon and sphynx cats) are apparently used to contact with the public and being in cat shows. Each night they will go back to their homes in the close suburbs, because, as we all know, the role of humans on this planet is to keep us kitties safe, happy, and well fed.

Entry to the cafe is free, ditto for the hot drinks and little squares of chocolate, and you can even get a free sample of cat biscuits tailored to your kitty’s needs. Experts are on hand, too, to answer any questions you might have,

There are already two permanent cat cafes in Paris, one of which my human parent visited a while ago. Not sure why she’d want to go to cafes with cats when I’m right here at home, but there you go.

Purina One pop up cat cafe is open from 5-13 june, located at 5, rue de Turbigo – 75001 Paris

cafe cat© Purina One



My human parent just told me about something called cat shaming. I knew dog shaming existed, as all dogs are idiots, but I didn’t knowvthat kitties like me were shamed too.

I now live in fear of turning up on Instagram next to a handwritten note telling the world what I’ve done. I’ll have to make sure I’m on my best behaviour from now on, which means no being sick on the bed, clawing holes in my human parent’s clothes, or pooping on the bathroom floor.


Another birthday for me

Today I’m three years old, my human parent tells me. I’ve had enough birthdays now to know what they entail: salmon or chicken for dinner (tuna if I’m lucky), cuddles (I’m too old for these now, I feel), and a fraught five minutes of my human parent chasing me around trying to snap a photo for posterity before I slink under the bed where she cannot reach me.

No photos were taken today, thank goodness. I gobbled up my tasty chicken and shot out the house before my human parent had time to take her coat off. My plan is to catch a mouse for dessert.

So instead, the photos you have here are some of my greatest hits. From when I was a tiny kitten to the present day, this carefully curated collection showcases me at my best.

oscar 4


Pretty kitty

“Sometimes,” my human parent told me recently, while snapping away with her new iPhone,, “people just like to look at photos of cats.”

So for all those people who just like to look at photos of cats, here are a few of the prettiest kitty in all of Paris… moi.

photo 4  photo 1photo 3 photo 2

Christmas for kitty

It’s no secret that my human parent wonders what I do all day while she’s out at work. Well, what I do depends. Sleeping, eating, cleaning my tail. So far, so cat-like. Recently though, I’ve been doing a spot of online window shopping.

Yes, it’s nearly that time of year again. Christmas. Let’s just be clear – I want presents. Lots of them.

Top of my list is this cat scratching DJ deck

oscar blog dj

Followed by this tank

oscar blog tank

And then, why not add this fire engine to the list, too?

oscar blog fire engine

I also want my human parent to buy a Christmas tree so I can be a star at the top like this kitty.

oscar blog christmas tree

Who’s that gobbling up my dinner?

2014-08-26 08.38.35

After two years of being the only cat in the courtyard, another has arrived. Who is the beast? I asked myself, stalking over to investigate by sniffing it’s bottom and pouncing upon it. We eyeballed one another for quite some time before my adversary hissed at me and slunk away. Small, white and ginger and with a bushy tail, the creature is certainly cute, but not as smart as me. It doesn’t even have a collar.

My human parent says she doesn’t know who the little kitty belongs to. I told her this wasn’t good enough and demanded she ask around the neighbours so I can know if it’s going to be in my courtyard every time I go outside. She estimates it’s a girl about eight months old and one that must have an owner somewhere, as it purred quite happily when stroked. It also looks well fed, although that didn’t stop it from sneaking into my flat and gobbling up my dinner when my back was turned.
2014-08-26 08.39.07
2014-08-26 08.36.50